Quarter Horses

Crofoot Ranches maintains a broodmare band of 15–20 mares at Bittercreek Ranch, Clarendon, TX. Two to four mares are sent to select outside stallions each year with the balance split into two bands with ranch stallions.

The ranch saddle horse remuda usually contains 20 aged geldings. These horses are used to gather big pastures, sort cows or yearlings and drag calves to the branding fire. Mares are also often ridden through their four- or five-year-old year.

Rescate Canyon Ranch, Slaton, TX is used as a weaning and training facility. At any given time, weanlings, yearlings and two- and three-year-old colts and fillies can be found in various stages of training.

Horses are actively shown in RHAA, SHOT, WRCA Ranch Rodeo, AQHA Versatility, AQHA Tie-Down Roping, AQHA Heading and AQHA Heeling.

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