Now moving into the fourth generation of family ownership, Crofoot Cattle Co., Inc. and its affiliates make up a diversified agri-business operation. Over the years, it has owned and operated multiple commercial feedyards with a one-time capacity of 180,000 head and a stocker program numbering over 100,000 yearlings annually.

Crofoot Ranches, LLP is the operating company for owned and leased ranches. Crofoot Ranches currently runs a 1,600 head cow-calf operation and a Quarter Horse breeding program at Bittercreek Ranch, Clarendon, Texas and Rescate Canyon Ranch, Lubbock, Texas.

The horse breeding program and training program is an integral part of the overall ranching operation. The goal of the Quarter Horse breeding program is to produce an all-around ranch horse with the cow, conformation, speed and disposition to be used on the ranch, in the arena, in versatility and on the trail.

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